Glaze Chronicles: A Night Call!

My Friday night was as normal as it could be. I did my routine like always. I came home made dinner for one since David my husband always came home late. That's one thing I hated about attorney's long hours in the office. I guess tonight was another time of my "My best friend's wedding" … Continue reading Glaze Chronicles: A Night Call!

Glaze Chronicles: A Women’s Confession

Being a wife and a mother is never truly easy. Constantly on the go and never having enough time for yourself. I feel like all I do is cook and clean all the time.  There was a time James and I before we got married and had kids, just use to have the most courageous, … Continue reading Glaze Chronicles: A Women’s Confession

Steps On Being Self Publishing Author

  "Extra! Extra! Read All About it" Although writing seems more of the easier part in becoming a self-publish author, However there a many steps the take after your book is complete. To become a self publishing independent author you must understand the type of audience you are trying to connect with, the niche market, … Continue reading Steps On Being Self Publishing Author