Book Signing “Where to Start”



When designing and constructing your first book signing as a self publishing author there are many things that are important for you to do first. Starting off you need to understand where to book your first signing at, the location, the environment and in other words the budget that goes into promotional cost. When you are ready to book your first signing follow some of these amazing steps to have a successful book signing.

Steps to First Book Signing:

  1. Find location
  2. Cost of vendor
  3. Budget
  4. Business Cards
  5. Appetizers for guest
  6. Mailing list
  7. Gifts/Giveaways
  8. Promotions

*** keep in mind to always have fun, Writing isn’t just about getting your story out there in the world it is also letting your customer and readers understand behind your writing lies a great soul. ***


Prepping the Author:

“We are never truly ready to speak our truths as writers, often the truth lies behind the words written on the page”- Mark Armstrong

When you are ready to set up your first event, practice speaking to yourself. This even includes questions that your readers may have. If your nervous no worries public speaking can be hard for all people. There is no correct way to prepare yourself to speak in front of people. Design hard and difficult questions that your believe your readers may ask you, then answer them to test yourself. Always smile, be polite and keep on subject. Never stray away from the topic. Engage in your audience, connect them with your story. During your first event keep in mind. You may be asked to do a reading. What does this mean you ask? Doing a reading means to read a passage from your book. Personally I choose two small chapters such as chapter one as well as chapter 19. I wanted to draw there attention in to get them sunk into the words, characters and brief meaning to have them purchase. I gave them chapter 19 to give them a piece of the ending so much that they couldn’t resist to buying this this book. YES! this does work. I completely sold out of books for my first signing. I signed books, I directed people to amazon to purchase my books for other friends or people they may know. I opened my self as a writer, author, self-publishing company “behindthemaskpublications” father and much more. I connected with my audience on a personal level. To me no question was a stupid one. So to those who are reading this here were some of the questions that were asked of me, I’ll give you have for starters…

1.)When did you first started writing?- Jessica Reed- Customer@book-signing

My Answer: ” oh man, I thought it you would ask me a difficult one, hahaha well I first started writing as a kid, my mom bought me a harry potter journal that had a light built in the spine of the book and at night I would open it up under the covers and write my dreams, stories and live in my own world of imagination. I began writing professionally 7 years ago. It started off in college writing for a newspaper, then college papers, then I was contacted to write for local business for people. I even write a blog- but lately I been so busy writing books and writing blogs for other peoples blogs I neglect my own at times. Hahah, my readers might be upset with me but don’t tell them its our secret. LOL!.”

2.)Sincere, Did you go to school for writing?- Derrick Williams- Book-Signing 

My Answer: “Ummm, Surprising no! I actually went to college at HACC for culinary Arts was a Sous chef for some years and decided as a single father it was difficult for me to work late nights in that industry so I got out of it and went back to college at Central Penn and received my Bachelor’s in Business Management. Why? I think it was because one day I wanted to start a business helping other independent authors achieve there dreams of publishing there own work. I mean just to hold your very own copy of a book you have created is enough to bring tears to anyone’s eyes.

3.) What do you do in your spare time besides writing?- Brittany Hopkins- @Book-Signing

My Answer: “Well that’s hard to say because I rarely get free time, LOL. I would say I cook for fun at home, especially with my daughter, I read a lot sometimes 3 or 4 books a day if I can. I am a music junkie, I listens to all kinds. I volunteer sometimes at the animal shelter giving dogs baths and playing with them. I also educate myself more through hours of research on YouTube about understanding self publishing, marketing, sales, copyright laws, trafficking, responding to emails, writing articles for other bloggers, and sleep. Omg! I slept for like 4 hours one Saturday because it was my off day and man I woke up shocked and energize.”

4.) For people that read your work or follow you what do you want them to get or understand about you as a author? – Michael Bay- @Book-Signing 

My Answer: ” Now that’s a tricky one, LOL hahaha. Well I must say umm I’m human just like everyone else, my goal isn’t to be famous or anything from my work. My only dream is to open your mind to a unlimited world of imagination. I write because I am creative and aim to tell a story. People don’t see how much emotion, pain, love, smiles, giggles, tears etc that goes into the pages of creating a book, a story. When I die, I want to be remembered as the man who wrote behind the mask, a story teller, a visionary. That’s all.”

5.) Are you working on anything right now? – Brenda Lee- @Book-Signing

My Answer: “Yes!, Absolutely, Like I said I’m not working with any publishing companies at the moment, however I have been teaching myself a lot. I may have a degree in business, LOL however web designing, graphic designing and still getting use to although i am pretty good, I still leave myself room for improvements. Right now I am ghost writing two books for clients, proof-reading manuscripts for other authors and setting up a YouTube channel give book reviews for independent authors. I feel like its a chance to get the books and stories seen by others and I place the videos on my Facebook fan-page.I currently am working on two books of my own to hopefully release at the end of july so we will see.”

During my first book signing, I felt nervous, scared that people wouldn’t like me however my work shined through. I was excited and thrilled and most importantly I lead by example. I decided writing this and giving this whole entire experience to people to let others know anything is simply possible. Live your dream, Set your goals. Always aim to be you.

©Behindthemaskpublications 2017 



“Creativity isn’t just a genre… When writing is a world of it’s own.”


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