Deciding your Genre?

There is a lot that goes into creativity. One thing that I found interesting as a reader and book/ reviewer is that I typically write best in what I read. Now there are multiple ways you can find out what genre works best for you. Here are some tips to deciding what genre you like?

Tips on Deciding your Genre:

1.) What inspires your thoughts– Keep in mind we mainly put up books that gather our interest in a certain topic. So if you find yourself in a book store or online shopping picking up books that have unique covers and a banging synopsis. Then you are a person who looks at images to determine your genre until you find what fits for you.

2.)Practice– Try writing small short stores to yourself and see what category they fit in. Always remember practice always makes perfect. Your not going to know what Genre is for you until you decide what you like to write about. At times that can be difficult.

3.)Copying– Remember when you read try to place a story in your head that is identical(without plagiarism) that you could possible write about. Become more familiar  with the details, plots, setting and story line. Determine in your mind if what you are reading falls into the category of sci-fictions, fantasy, romance, urban etc. Try to play around with the style a lot to see if that is something you can fully develop and project on your own.

4.) Perfection– Keep in mind when your creating your story line, your mind can start off heading on one place and as a writer the whole story can switch left in a quick second. For an example. I can start off writing a erotic tale then next thing I know my thoughts can lead me to a romance novel or a killer thriller with suspense. Although I spend years trying to understand it and finally realize when it doubt choose a category and let it go. There is no need for a subcategory if my story or topic is too board.

Always remember when you are writing this is your passion, your story to tell a story, your vision or dream that with hard work and determination anything is simply possible.


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