Procrastination as a Writer


Often as it goes usually as a writer we become drain after finishing a project. We tell our sells we will get started on the next book, article blog or project. When it comes down to it we like to make excuses on the reason why we can’t write. We also often tell ourselves it’s writer’s block, I’m losing my mojo or I can’t think of anything.

Moreover, truth is we don’t set aside time for ourselves to rejuvenate after writing or also there are no goals set in place when writing.  Fear could also be another struggling trait in procrastination. Fear of failure, your writing isn’t good enough or what will your reader’s of reviewers have to say? Truth is sometimes you just have to take a leap and jump out there. Don’t allow the fear to cripple your judgement. You want to be a writer? So write. You wan to be a poet? So start creating poetry. You want to become an author? Hey why not!  Always striving to make your dream a reality no matter the distance.


There are several ways to defeat Procrastination for starters I will give you 7 ways:

  1. Create deadlines– Measure your time in proper managing. Give your set reminders as you go along your writing journey.
  2. Writer’s Journal- Try writing down all your exciting and random thoughts of creativity you never know when a good story or idea for a novel is going to hit you.
  3. Counts- Give yourself goals on how many pages, words or chapters you are going to start and finish before the day is over.
  4. Sleep- Don’t stress it allow yourself to get proper rest knowing that while you dream you mind is already writing for you.
  5. Delays- Remember the whole point of having a deadline is to expect delays, Keep in mind delays are a good thing. True perfection comes from patience and understanding. Take delays as in “rest your mind” and tackle another project.
  6. Start- Start your project on time, accomplishing daily goals, weekly reminders and monthly rewarding yourself with encourage and self-appreciation.
  7. Fear-  KEEP in mind fear shouldn’t cripple your creativity and strength in words instead turn fear into motivation to put your best work forward despite any odds.

No one never said writing would be easy so don’t be so hard on yourself. Sometimes if you have to randomly shout, scream, weep or cry let it all out. To be a passion able writer is to have emotions strong enough to allow you to connect with your story.  As far as procrastination goes you can even schedule that in if you would like. There are some days I wake up telling my self “I’m going to start working on this new book or that new article” then next thing I know a couple hours turn into a whole entire day wasted so what I do is i schedule procrastination. I tell myself today I am going to write doesn’t matter what it is about. I am going to get up watch TV around the house with my notepad for ideas and while I am watching ” HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER” OR THE MAGICIANS” when it does come time for me to write and be serious I have a notepad full of topics and ideas to remind myself that these thoughts for visions and creativity to be much more.


In conclusion keep in mind, with procrastination and fear comes multiple growth opportunities. REMEMBER WHEN YOU WRITE GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT! WRITE BEHIND THE MASK! BECOME YOUR OWN WORLD!!!!

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