My book is live!!!!

I learned as a writer and author writing comes with confidence. It brings out the most extraordinary purposes and amazing feeling in the entire world. To feel accomplished, self-aware and great to do what you enjoy doing. I received support from people I didn’t even know was watching and paying attention. Someone through Facebook bought my book and asked could they get a picture so I did why? Because years when I die pictures live on and one day my kids can say that’s my dads work…

Thank you all always keep writing.

“Creativity isn’t a genre, when writing is a world of its own”


2 thoughts on “My book is live!!!!

  1. That is lovely! I’m not the best writer, but I do find it cathartic and it forces me, often, to learn new things as I am sharing with other. I wanted to stop by and “Thank you” for visiting our blog today. It means a lot when another blogger leaves a bit of themselves. And it allowed me to find and follow your blog. I hope you will visit again and even consider following us back. Have a great day!


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