***The Hunger** E-book Coming Soon

The Hunger.png

Long ago in a time where there was magic, my mother’s coven placed at curse on the men in the village who worshipped the devil and threaten our kingdom. That was over 100 years ago, and there is a new threat among my people.  Magic has always been used for good intentions to cast in dark magic was strictly forbidden. The order of the Light swore to protect all living creatures including humans.  We used female succubus’s to control order and to maintain power in the land of Dalvarian.  Dalavarian where all living beings live in unity. My father was King Orik, he had tremendous power.  After my mother’s death and the death of my two sisters Seri and Sai my father was very over protective. He awaited or my 18th birthday when I would ascend into the sky and receive all of my full supremacies. The only magic I could do was protection magic and little spells. I could play with the elements water, wind, fire and earth and bend them at my command.

However, my father is very weak and doesn’t have the strength anymore to protect our kingdom. There was an arrange marriage to be made. I was to be married off to Prince Zecaries. His people of the Valaterian land controlled the nightwalkers. My father hoped that an arrange marriage will seal a contract that will protect our people from any future threats that one day the Torik’s wouldn’t return. The Torik’s weren’t alive nor dead. Spells didn’t affect them since they could suck the life force out of anyone. Truly they were immortal. They could only be bound by the elements and cast into the earth. They could only be killed during birth by their mother’s taking their life force from them.  They were Male succubus’s and one hasn’t been seen in over 1,000 years. If a female succubus gave birth to a male and his eyes turned blue during birth he was to be put to death since there was no control in their hunger. I never understood why my father thought that one day the prophecy will fill full its’ self. He spoke of an old magic that the Dalvarian’s use to use. It was said that a male succubus consumed our family’s magic and cursed our land. If you were bitten by a Torik on your 18th birthday you will be filled with dark magic for all eternity.

As princess Sailia, I’ve always believed in the legends of our family, yet my father was losing his mind in his last stages of life. He barely remembered my name at times. He often would call me Sofia which was my mother’s name. He would stroke my dark brown hair and look at me in my hazel eyes and say “My beautiful daughter who’s love lights the moon and smile raises the sun”. My father loved me and I him.  Yet the time has come for me to fulfill my duty and become queen. Just 6 days before my birthday Prince Zecaries and I got married and merged our kingdoms. I was to stay in the castle until my birthday so that I could receive my family’s magic and protect our people.  I was walking the castle’s hallways when I heard a whisper call my name. Sailia! Sailia! Help me! Please! I spun around a couple of times and couldn’t see anyone but lantern’s hanging on the walls.  Sailia! Sailia! Come to me. The man’s voice said.  “Where are you? I can’t see you! I will show you.  A vision flashed in my head showing me a cave with a man buried behind rocks crushing his body and him screaming. There were two large guards outside the cave with a gate built of fire. Help me! Sailia I am dying! The vision was so strong it knocked me off of my feet. I don’t know where that is. The voice echoed in my head “The black forest… forest… forest.

My eyes opened as I told up off of the ground. I don’t know what to do? The black forest has been forbidden to go into until I am of age. My magic is strong but not strong enough to travel to the black forest. Should I reach out to the order of light to make sense of my vision? Should I consult this matter with my husband. He has ties to the underworld, He should be able to make sense of this all.  I stood there for a moment puzzled on what to do next, this man was dying alone in a cave buried beneath black ash rocks. I couldn’t help but to think why were there guards outside of the cave with a gate of flames.? Was he a prisoner? Who are the guards protecting in the cave? I had so many questions inside me. Then I thought there’s no possible way I can do this on my own. I must stay in the castle. The black Forrest is only a two-day’s journey. I can make it there and back before my coronation.

It’s settle than… I will journey to the black Forrest… I must save that man

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