Glaze Chronicles: A Women’s Confession

priestBeing a wife and a mother is never truly easy. Constantly on the go and never having enough time for yourself. I feel like all I do is cook and clean all the time.  There was a time James and I before we got married and had kids, just use to have the most courageous, hot and nasty sex. Now it seems as though we barely touch one another. Just on holidays and birthdays. Are love life has been destroyed by children and responsibilities.  There’s not romance. I tried my best to change my look, going to the gym constantly even died my hair blonde as I was a natural brunette. James use to come in the house and smack my ass while I would be cooking and say ” Sarah you make me the happiest man in the world. Every time I ask him to go to counseling he says he will go then ends up giving me an excuse that its work that is keeping him away from home so much. Often I just need a break from the twins. Not just a break, I just needed him to be my husband give me a little affection, randomly fuck the shit out of me and shove his dick right in my face. Oh! how I would be thrilled to suck on a big juicy cock right about now. I feel insecure and less of a women, because James hasn’t touch me in so long. Its like when we do have sex it’s the normal positions, he gets off first while I there stuck waiting to be finished off.  Its like if my Vagina could have turn blue for the lack of cock-u-lation I haven’t seen. Sigh! Thinking about just going back to Church and speaking with the priest to see if he can save my marriage. Its been a while since I went to confession.

I woke up that Saturday Morning, Told James to watch the twins while I went to church to speak to Father Byron. I arrive at the church around  nine am in the morning and seen Father Bryon getting ready to leave. “Father Byron are you leaving the church? ” Yes my child how may I help you? Please I really need to speak to you I have a Confession.  Would you like to speak to Father Thomas? He is currently inside finishing up prayer. Thank you God Bless you! I went through the Red Double doors to St. Mary’s faith Catholic Church located in the Brooklyn, New-York. I sat down on the in the pew and waited for the father to come out from the back from prayer. My hands felt so clammy and tingling. I was fidgeting with my black skirt, tapping my low-top 3 inch heels on the marble floor. Clinching my pearls with my right hand over my white blouse. Thinking to myself “Why am I here? This isn’t going to solve or save my marriage. Rubbing my forehead with confusion and stress over the fact, here I am the only one in our marriage that is trying to make this work. I have reach rock bottom coming to the church for guidance. Yet what am I to do? This all seems so crazy, It isn’t like he’s cheating or lying or we don’t love each other? I am just overwhelmed, I just need James… I need my husband back. I need us to be back and see one another like we use to.

I caught a glimpse of a tall black haired man go inside the confessional room. I got up off the pew as my heart began beating hard inside my chest. I reached for the door knob open the door to sit down in this red velvet chair with a small dim light with a black screen wall. Behind it the man said ” How can I help my child” Father, I have a confession.  “What is your confession? Well father, I am a married women who loves her husband, yet we are struggling in our sex life. Things aren’t what they use to be. He doesn’t touch me, nor use me anymore like he use to. I feel like more of the maid and babysitter, Than a women of power. There is something that is stirring inside of me that he doesn’t give me the opportunity to release. I grow less of a women every day knowing I am sexually starving with my husband. ” I see and have you voice these concerns with your husband? Have you both prayed together for God to fix your loss of connection. No! I responded ” I see so what is it that your looking for?” If may father I really don’t know. I just want my power back as a women, I just want to feel loved, to be touched by a man and have his entire power wrapped around me fully. Security and comfort in knowing that I am just not a beautiful women but a women with substance. ” Alright I see your point, I believe I can help you with that”

Can you describe to me what you look like? Yes, well I am 5’6 petite built. I have greens eyes and red hair that’s naturally curly. I have small freckles on face. I have rosy red lips and used dark shade of red today. I am a size 6 with a mannequins curves out of a magazine. “Sounds like your a beautiful women” Thank you father although I don’t see that within myself. “Call me Thomas”. Okay Thomas thank you.  Do you think I can see your face? Are we done with confession? No! I just would like to see the women behind this screen. I stood up and was nervous this wasn’t apart of any confession I remembered. I stepped out of the room and grabbed the left doors knob and walked inside the room.  There he was the tall dark black haired priest. His hazel eyes with massive hands. He stood up and looked down on me and said ” My God your gorgeous.” I smiled up and him and said thank you. He smiled back at me with is perfect teeth and deep dimples with his full lips mixed complexion. Our eyes began to lock as he was glaring harder into mines. ” What are you here for he asked me? All I could say was ” I have a confession” His hands reached for me behind my neck to pull me in as he french kissed my lips, pulled me back and said ” I can bless you! As my body felt anxious to do so.  I quickly returned the favor, Biting down on his lips. He ripped open my blouse and pulled my breast out and began to lick and caress my nipples on the tip of his tongue. He lifted me up in the air and place my back on the wall. His hands at my sides going up my skirt. He ripped my panties off and placed them in this back pocket. As he lifted me onto his shoulders as he went down to start liking to taste my sweet honey. I melting on his tongue. Breathing harder than ever. My hands going through his hair. I wanted him to bless me. He placed me on my the chair. ” Bend over and arch your back.” he said. So I did. He spread my lips as I felt his tongue searching through me to play with my pearl. I was dripping all over the place and he was drinking it up like sweet milk. As he was done, He ask me ” Are you ready to receive your blessing? I moaned yes! Oh yes please mmmmm. He placed his hands on my ass and opened me up and Sweet Mary and Joseph I have never felt something so big in my life. He slowly stroked and thrust-ed inside of me as if felt like he was trying to give my pussy as baptism. As he was smacking and penetrating me from behind, He grabbed me back my neck and pointed my head towards the ceiling and told me to look up.

This time he banged harder and harder on my doors, I felt him near my heart. ” What do you have for me? I was climaxing and screaming at the same time ” Oh! Oh! mmm. I have a confession father…. Your sins have been removed… As he finished and left me there in the confessional, I felt like my little lady down stairs was truly. Sanctifiedpriest. and deliver.


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