Glaze Chronicles: A Night Call!

Talk Dirty to Me. 

My Friday night was as normal as it could be. I did my routine like always. I came home made dinner for one since David my husband always came home late. That’s one thing I hated about attorney’s long hours in the office. I guess tonight was another time of my “My best friend’s wedding” pizza and ice- cream. Every since David became partner things have been different at home. Everything is placed on a schedule. Date nights, dinner even our sex life was placed on a schedule. We normally had sex every Tuesday and Friday. Twice a week yet my body was screaming for more. I wanted dirty, strange and mysterious sex, yet for David that was extremely impossible.

I managed to call David on his cell phone” Honey, are you on your way home? Soon, baby I will call you from the car to let you know when I am on my way! I cleaned up around the house a little and soaked my body into a bubble bath. I got out placed my robe around me and went into the kitchen to pour a glass of wine. It began to thunderstorm and the wind and rain was hitting against the windows so hard, I was beginning to get quite nervous. I tried to call David on his cell phone again. The call went straight to voice mail. After a glass or two sitting down on the couch flipping the channels the phone rang! Hello as I answer. All I heard was breathing. Then suddenly he talk and said “What are you doing? Honey, I’m waiting for you to get home i replied. Why does your voice sound different? He didn’t respond to my question instead he asked me what are you wear? Well if you must know mister. I am naked underneath my robe. David respond” I would like for you to go into the bedroom and put on what I lay on the bed for you. I began to laugh… What are you doing? Are you trying to be kinky?

Do as I say? I went into our bedroom and seen a black pair of silk laced panties there lying on the bed. I dropped my robe and placed the panties on me. Place the phone on speaker, So you can hear me he said. Go to the closet and grab 3 ties off the tie rack. Get on the bed and blind fold yourself. I placed the phone on night stand, So I can hear him. Now tie your left hand to the bed post. With your right hand, Take your two fingers and began to suck on them. I did exactly what he said. Now rub on your nipples and tell me you been a naughty girl. Just from him giving commands this felt so awkward and different. David, I don’t think I can do this. ” Shh relax now take your fingers and slide them down to your silky black panties. How does that feel? Ugh! it feels great. Can you feel that texture the way it rubs against you. Can you make it get moist for me? Yea, I responded. I was starting to get more into it. I began to rub on my clit, Taking my finger up and down and side by side. Even pinching down on it a little. Now tell me what your going to do with my filthy mouth. I want to suck your dick and have you bust all over my titties. Tie your other hand to the bed post he instructed me. So I did. I could only hear the sound of keys and foot steps coming into the room. David! Is that you. He respond with a “Shhh”! So I got quite.

Next thing I know, My panties were pulled to the side as David began to eat inside of me. His tongue so big and divine I could feel the muscle in it. I was moaning and moving my pussy on his tongue and couldn’t control it. His fingers went into my mouth as I was sucking down on them. Ugh! Do it David. Fuck me! like a naughty girl. I heard zip as if was unbuckling his pants. His dick came inside my mouth as I was sucking on it for dear life. He took his dick out of my mouth and began to slap me with it. That’s all you got! I said” Harder! Slap me harder! Make me your  filthy Whore!. Fuck my Tight pussy David! Do it now baby. The room was silent… David are you there! There was movement on the bed. My panties came off. His dick was now rubbing on my pudding and all I need was his banana to complete the split. He was playing with me and teasing me with the tip. Rubbing and smacking it on my clit. It felt oh so good! I was craving it. I yelled ” Give it to me now!”

He rimmed himself inside of me as my pussy queefed. He placed my legs in a pretzel position on my chest. I could feel him going in and out of me so fast it felt like he wanted to break it, Yet it felt good, the pain, the rapid motions of him beating my kitty cat up I just wanted to purr and give him a big loud MEON!!! Taking his dick out tapping it on my lips and rimming me again just felt like a roller-coaster ride. I was enjoying every moment. I told him to speed it up, faster, faster. Fuck my tight tiny little hole. He pulled out and I could feel him showering me. He was making his own rain storm all over my breast. OMG! he fucked me like a GOD!!!. That wasn’t no normal sex but David and I needed that. He got off the bed and walked out the room. I didn’t hear anything for a little bit. I was still there lying on the bed, coming down from the high! Got! damn I thought to myself i just needed a cigarette. I heard the door slam and keys thrown on the coffee table.

“David honey? Are you alright? Yea, baby here I come now. David came in the bedroom ” Oh wow sweet heart what’s this he said” An amazing treat! You animal you! “Is that right? Looks sexy to me he said. Honey, Can you untie my wrist? So he did. How long were you waiting like that for me to get home? I took off the blind fold and seen that he was still in his suit from work. What do you mean you I asked? We just didn’t? He looked at me strange, As I thought to myself? Who was that then?…..night-call



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