Oh! Mr. DICKerson

As a father of three children, I rarely get time to myself anymore. Lucy was out of town on some convention for business. Brad my oldest son was about to graduate from high-school. Sarah just made Cheer- captain of the cheerleading team. Only one life was Maggie who just won the spelling bee yesterday. Man, I am highly blessed and favored in the lord. My family is doing okay. My children are exceeding in school. However, I missed my wife a lot. She was always gone of doing training and business meetings out of town and leaving me stuck with the kids. I retired from the police department last year; not bad for a 53 year old man. Don’t get me wrong I still got it, I still work out when the kids are in school, I wake up every morning and run 3 miles before I have to wake the kids up. My diet consists of lean protein and strong fiber. Every time I say that I even sound like my own father even more.
Well Sarah went to stay at my sister Lisa’s house for the weekend because there going shopping; Maggie is down the street at her best- friend’s house. I promised Brad he could invite a couple of his buddies over since he graduates next week. Damn, He’s growing up so fast just last year my little boy became a man turning 18 and all. I admire the kind of friends he hangs out with, never involved in any kind of trouble. Good kid… Good Kid.
So I was in the Man cave (basement) when I heard all of this loud commotion coming from upstairs. I yelled “Keep in down up there guys, Trying to watch the game. They just got louder and louder. I went upstairs and saw brad laughing in the kitchen with Tommy and John his two best-friends. Then suddenly the doorbell ranged. I walked through the hall way of my Chateau to the door and opened it. Is Brad here? The young man asked. He was tall, full beard, green eyes, muscle builder, fit-in shape. His arms looked like they were about to bust out of his shirt. I admittedly thought it was one of those punks from the high-school coming to stir up trouble. “Mr. Dickerson” it’s me. Sorry guy I don’t know who you are as I sized him up. Luke… Luke Barret. Brad came to the door. Luke what’s up man didn’t know you were going to make it. They went inside the house as I closed the door behind me. We all stood in the kitchen talking. Dad, as Brad said to me. You remember little Luke from down the street? Right? Oh that’s right I said “Wow, Man you got big what you been eating, as we all engaged into laughter. So Luke what have you been up to lately, how old are you now. Well Mr. Dickerson, I currently attend Howard University as a Criminal law Major. I am currently 21 years old as of two days ago. Alright well there’s beer in the refrigerator; Brad. You boys have fun try not to be too loud.
I retired back down stairs in my man cave for the rest of the night. I passed out having four beers. I woke up to porn on the Tv screen. I looked around for the remote and saw that Luke was sitting right on the couch beside me. He was completely naked. “I always dreamed as a teenager of you digging me out. I was shocked in amazement. He got up from the couch and pulled out my dick and began sucking and moaning, like a kid with a lollipop. I stood up off the couch and tilted his head back. You want this load don’t you, I whispered. Yes, Papa give it to me. I look down at him and said” Don’t call me papa call me Mr. DICKerson. He was gaging on me as if he couldn’t handle this big juicy cock. He stood up and pushed me down back on the Couch and positioned his ass down on my dick. I wrapped his legs around my waist. His chin planted on my shoulder. His nails dug deep on my back every-time I thrusted harder. I could hear him moaning, ugh! Give it to me please, ugh! Omg! Stretch my tight hole. I was glad to say he indeed fucked me back to sleep…. I

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