The Court House

So there I was inside walking through the security scanner as if I was some awful criminal. I mean come on now it was a simple retail theft. I only stole a couple of shirts and a pair of socks. I was waiting for my public defender standing outside the courthouse. As my hands were shaking from being nervous, I could feel the anxiety climbing over my entire body. The burning feeling from getting a haircut the previous night before as my stomach was in knots. I didn’t want to go to jail over a simply retail theft. I went in the bathroom to pull out my cell phone to call my boyfriend yet that was no luck there. The call immediately went voicemail. There I was pacing the floor back and forth, back and forth. I went to the bathroom stall to sit down and calm my nerves a little bit. I could hear another man in the stall next to me. The bathroom was silent. I went to the internet on my phone to see if I could watch a little porn and whack myself off a little bit to calm my tension before I went inside to see the judge. I accidently dropped my phone and the man in the stall next to me picked it up. The toilet flushed as he steps outside. He knocks on my door to my stall. I opened it.
This man was tall with dark black with salt and pepper highlights, Middle age man. He looked almost Arabic with is scruffy thick bold beard. His eyes properly arched and plucked to perfection. His eyes a evergreen hazel color looked at me with lust. He said to me “Would you like your phone back?” I hesitated and said yes. He smiled at me and closed the stall door behind him. He dropped his pants as this huge thick light- toned cock rolled out of his boxers. He winked at me and I immediately got on my knees to receive him fully. He reached so far back in my throat I felt my tonsils tightening on his girth. His hands grabbed the back of my head and bounced and bobbed me back and forth of his cock-a-sarious. I pulled back and spit on his heavy mushroom tip. Closing my eyes enjoying every moment of this sexual high with this stranger. As he took my throat into his hands signaling me to get up off my knees. He threw me up against the wall pulling down my pants and underwear, biting down on the back of my neck. It felt oh so good…. Thinking to myself just want I needed to relieve this stress. He bent down and began to lick the opening of my birthday cake getting my body so excited I was producing my own natural juices. I enjoyed making it wet for him. He spat on his cock and rimmed himself inside of me. OMG! As I flinched dude that is big as he moaned and covered my mouth with his right hand. His left hand was coaching my body to arch my back as my hands placed up against the wall. He was slow stroking himself inside of my making sure I felt every single inch he had to offer. He positioned my body to the side and he lifted my right leg up in the air, while he was banging me out so aggressive and gentle all at the same time. I could hear the clapping noise echoing off the bathroom walls. He grabbed my throat from behind and said “ I don’t want to ever see you in this court house again” I couldn’t help to gasp in excitement and say yes daddy you won’t. He speeded up his rhythm FUCKING ME even harder than before. “Promise me I won’t see you hear again” as he stated in his deep voice. Ugh! Ugh! I promise I won’t mmmmh. “Have you learned your lesson? Panting so hard trying to control my breathing, I said yes! I screamed it YES! Teach me daddy please. Smack my ass for being a bad boy. He grabbed my firmly by my waist and thrusted me hard on his solid rode. He pulled out and busted his heavy load on my entire thick pink ass from him smacking it so hard. He placed my phone on the ground and said “Thank you” I better not see you hear again. I waited for him to leave the bathroom.
My legs were throbbing and my knees were buckling. OMG! As I stated to myself I have never been fucked like that. Who was that man? I cleaned myself up real quick and looked at the time and realized I was ten minutes late to my court hearing. I turned my cell phone off and walked inside the court room on the 4th fl. The judge looked at me and said “Are you Sean Baker? I responded yes your honor? Your public defender has been waiting for you to arrive. Why are you late? Sorry your honor my car took a beating just to get here. The judge told me to come forward. A man stood up from the table desk and said “ Your honor can I have a moment with my client? The judge agreed and said yes” The man turned around as I was shocked this was the same man that just banged me out in the bathroom down stairs….

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