Sex is a Appetite!

So I had the pleasure of sitting down with a collective group of individuals and the topic of discussion was why are majority of Men cheaters. Men cheat because it’s a opportunity. However, this statement was one sided.  The reason is because just as much as men have a sexual appetite so do women. 

Now some women and men, may not admit it but it all narrows down to the truth of it all. We all want a provider, someone who is loyal, Creative, has a career, all about there money etc. However, we all say sex is only 10% percent of the relationship. Survey says that is a lie. Reasoning is because a lot of adultery, lying and cheating comes from sexual unsatisfactory in a relationship or marriage. . No one really likes to keep the truth while engaging into a relationship. We often feel shy or embarrassed if we come out and tell a person what we exactly like during intercourse. Why? Because we like to believe because we have sexual experiences with other people that we have sex down pact. This is another misconception. There is truthfully no real mastery to having sex, however every person has a sexual appetite.

What does sexual appetite mean? It’s simple. To be full at having sex you honestly have to reach your appetite peak. Meaning for example ” You can have sex with 3 people all in one day. Lets just say that first person was good but it wasn’t what you were looking for so you ejaculated, however you body is still searching for more. Hungry for the next best thing. Now that second person was into the same energy you are putting out, yet just wasn’t good enough so you tolerated the sex because it was something to simple satisfy you at the moment. So this third person comes along and explores your sexual peek and gives you all you have been looking for to the point your not ready to seek another sexual adventure for a while.

To fully understand that sex is a appetite you must experience and adventure in what you exactly like and what your looking for….

Ladies: You must tell men how you like to receive it. Whether your a women that’s into sexual acts and scenes like “50 Shades of Grey”. You must tell him how you like to be eaten and beaten when it comes to you kitty. No man truly knows what a women is looking for sexually and that’s also on the other way around. If you like you hair pulled and your throat clamped down on while he is digging inside of you. Then you need to express that and explain your sexually appetite. Even if your married or in a relationship and you want to experience being a seductive mistress with high heels on with a whip in your hand to be dominant you must express this to the men you encounter.

Men: You must express to women what you like.  Whether you like her to take your penis out and tap it on her face or tongue while shes down there giving you the best head of your life. Tell her you want to tie her hands behind her back while your penetrating her. Tell her lingerie is great, however catching you off guard while your watching the game or coming home on a lunch break. Tell her to leave you dirty notes, send you a video of her playing with herself while your at work.

Nowadays people are so cautious to engaging into there sexual appetites due to judgement, social media exposure.  However, I say if you done it own it. Simple.

As a sexual person myself, I use to encounter people that there sex didn’t make mines and by time I was done, They were well taught and the skills I have shown and given them has allow them to open there minds to different fantasies while hopefully using them to perfection with the next person.

If you want to understand what kind of sex appetite you have you must master the darkest and deepest part of yourself. You must open your mind and body to the fact it’s going to be scary and awkward, However I promise you may actually end up liking the alter -ego that is hiding inside of you.


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