Steps On Being Self Publishing Author


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Although writing seems more of the easier part in becoming a self-publish author, However there a many steps the take after your book is complete. To become a self publishing independent author you must understand the type of audience you are trying to connect with, the niche market, what you expect to profit/loss, marketing ideas, and much more.

Have you ever wanted to simple just write and see what others thought or believed in the story line you were trying to create. Now keep in mind not everyone is going to like or support what you are trying to do so it’s best you develop a tough skin and aim for your dream. Now lets break down the proper steps you need to become a self publishing author.

Book start up:

  1.  Write the book A success novel is anywhere between 70,000-120,000 depends on the story-line you are trying to create. Many short novels can be 47,000-60,000 words, so no worries there if you feel like your book is short in pages. Moreover, a-lot of writing a book doesn’t go by the page count however its measured in the word count.
  2.  Formatting- Although your book is complete far as writing it, it’s not yet done. There is typesetting, formatting, editing, revised words and plots and sometimes this stage can be tedious especially doing it all on your own. There is numerous of websites you can go to to submit your work by chapters before hand. Just so you can get a general idea on what you need to improve on. Another dilemma is when you are building your book it can become very pricey in during all of this. If your strong in editing and would like to keep the voice of the character in your book then self- editing is best. (however, I do also recommend a professional editor) Another pair of eyes is always great.
  3. Cover Design: Now a cover design is the first look at the book’s cover that you will be judge upon by your readers and people who purchased  your book. Keep in mind your cover is basically your picture worth a thousand words. Pick a designer that doesn’t stray away from your creation and what you vision. The average cover design when self-publishing can cost anywhere between $150-1000 depends on the resources you search. Another great website to check out before you publish your work is: the reason is because you can literally type your question and get and exact answer.
  4. Copyright: Before you publish your work you can submit it for copyrighting as well even after your book is published. You want to do this so your work isn’t stole or plagiarized. During the copy-right stage you can also do what is called-  self-copyright- where you add the ©symbol to your work sign it and send it to yourself in the mail and never open it.
  5.  POD: Print- on- Demand, you want to find a printing press that will print your books on demand. This extremely comes in hand because it minimizes the amount of money your spending on each copy of your book. For example it’s easier for every-time someone buys your book through amazon, they print your book for you and less you have to worry about.  Some print on demands websites are :, However I would recommend because it walks you through the proper channels and steps to get your book ready for print.
  6. Marketing: There are so many ideas when it comes to marketing your work, such as ads, social media- twitter, snap-chat, Facebook, tumbler etc. Choose one that is going to allow you the most control as well as less painful on trying to get a audience. You can create a Facebook page account that is strictly for the audience and sells of your book.  Your marketing strategy can be done in so many ways. You can create a YouTube video with links to your website or where your follows can purchase your books at.  Even creating a website such as through can allow a small build up of you connecting with your audience.
  7. Royalties: Now sometimes this doesn’t come until later on however, A-lot of self- publishing authors get discourage and I am here to boost up your confidence and tell you to keep pushing.  During the course of marketing and selling your books you never want to limit yourself to just paperbacks. Due to the fact  majority of people purchase E-Books I would strongly recommend this for your first book. You can make as close to an additional $10,000 a year from E-book sells alone. Book signings, free-copies as a sell gimmick to increase your audience balance. Signature copies to those who first sign up supporting your work. Keep in mind the most important thing about being a self-published author is reminding yourself that when writing you hand to start somewhere in order to get you where your meant to be. Moreover, if the first time you begin to sale and don’t see all the amount of money back you put into your book. Relax it is okay! Your just beginning. Every new beginning brings more potential to the greater goal. Likewise you must take a look at what your selling your book for verses what is a reasonable price. For example you spent a-lot of money marketing and creating your book so you want to sell your book for $20.00 to quickly get your money back. This is all wrong. You have to keep in mind the average cost for a book, realistically what buyers are going to pay as well as what the worth of your book actually costs. There is no way my book is only 10 chapters- 35,000 words and 100 pages and I am selling my book for $25.00 when I can find another book that sparks my interest and is available for E-book for $1.99.  When trying to build your royalties developed a financial plan.

  8. Repeat: Constantly repeat your steps in revising, marketing, cover design, copyright, print-on-demand,royalties and make sure you are all ready to go in selling your first book.

“Remember anything is simply possible with hard work”

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