Why Do Men play Games?

There is always a lot of controversial to the subject area. So just as much as men play games women do as well, However the question that majority of many would like to be answered is “Why do men play games?” Follow up question “What/ Who makes a man play games? Now this can go so many ways so I encourage feed back comments below after all I am only one man. LOL! When you first encounter a man. Try to understand what game you are getting yourself into. My reasoning is the following- It always take two to tango as well as engage into any formal agreement. ( WE are gonna come back to this).  Now a lot of men play games because some will argue its in our nature, that’s how we are designed, miscommunication, not ready to commit, He don’t do this, He doesn’t make sense. They want there cake and eat it to. Whatever variable your thinking comes several outcomes. SO lets understand what the game is?

A Game:  Any form of play, amusement, recreation, sport. 2. A set of equipment for for a competitive amusement. 3. Any Emotional, physical, financial, social, or verbal alter perception of the real object( person, place or thing) at hand is consider therefore a animation, false identity.

Player/s: Men: Boys, Young Men, Matured Men- Wise Men, Golden Men

The other player: Unknown Specimen

The Field:

Boy stage: I’m sorry to say it but all boys will play games its just more than just being in there nature. A part of there brain hasn’t fully developed to handle, comprehend or understand anything on the level of what a man is? Or even What makes them a Man. The stage doesn’t compromise, listen, change, grow and usually likes everything the way it is. The boy stage shows no potential or determination to do anything but whine, complain and uses emotions finances and physical variables to emote the verbal contract that there never understood and usually goes after “Child like relationships” The better the youth the more pleasure of winning the game” The boy stage is commonly found in teenagers mostly however if developed in adult life there usually the time that make excuses to justify there behavior.

Young Men: This is growth stage that is primary 18-30. The most difficulty and gullible stage. This stage is threaten by past negative experiences, independence, career motives, self- awareness and often  mass stages of grief. It is during the stage the playing a games isn’t really a game at all but trying to rush intangible things in life that its basically the show self approval before you get anywhere type of ordeal. These men our already engaged into games due to the process of illumination.  Every man wants to find the ” ONE” however because we adapt to our natural environment it makes the field a lot harder when there is so many competitors as well as unknown parties out there on the field. Some make it out and some simply need more work done. However, Shouldn’t   get you discourage after all men sometimes to take there whole entire lives to find the meaning to there own life (hence mid’life crisis) Moreover, during this stage so many variables can change the thought process of a men From being simple understood good men to an unfortunate non caring, non emotional, income slacker, communicative connections. Its not intentional however, young men go upon the basic instinct as well and if it sounds, walks, talks, and smells of deceit, Our guards are up automatically. Hence just because you think we are not paying attention, false we pick words you are simply saying to sum up what you are saying while reading your body language and facial expression and the tone you simply speak. Waiting for the off beat of confirmation of what we thought in the begin with.  Communication is sometimes on a different level than the other person. So much need to prove dominance of independence that we question and battle loyalty.  This stage is the questionable stage there is actually more games played in trying to understand what it is we truly want versus what is being shown to us.

Matured: Now Matured Men(28-35) These are the kind of men constantly strive to improve there walk as Men. Stepping out there in the world standing and believing what they make and build with there hands is truly the enjoying the fruits of there labor.  You have to understand these men, already knew the difference between being a little boy and a young man that a Man walks with confidence. Now in this stage the mature man doesn’t want the games of questioning loyalty, career, your independence, personality, meaning of who you are as a person. Often although these men feel in order to compromise you have to show out… In efforts to you want me to show you what I can do then I’ma need to see what you are capable of in order to see if this is right for us. Majority of these Men simply do want a successful relationship however that also depends on the playing field, our options, what keeps us sane vs what irritates us. What makes us happy versus what we imagine as real happiness.

Wise-men: Unfortunately! This stage is the most hardest. This stage comes with men already set in there ways as well as its harder to persuade these men. Also these men aren’t with the typical bullshit. You can’t act dumb or play a role of innocence. They believe it’s okay to be wrong just accept responsibility in your own actions as well. These men come with so much experience in understanding how life takes you a while to figure out yourself that games are rarely played in this stage for them, There is less argument and struggle on being happy. During this stage majority of these men only enjoy not explaining themselves. They feel as though that shouldn’t have to explain on what is to be expect in a relationship or verbal agreement. Now These men mature all different and often in this stage the age can simply vary from 30-55.

Given some questions:

Why you say you ready for relationship, want something real but constantly drag me along with the shenanigans?

The answer is quite simple some men lie simply because it’s easier for them to do rather than face the truth. Another reason is despite how it’s view MEN seriously don’t want to get hurt. We hate reopening doors and past transgression of  wounds if we don’t have to. Another reason sometimes we necessarily don’t know what we want nor what we are truly looking for. Majority of the time we go with the flow of things unless something or someone threatens are ability to keep the status quo.

Why do men cheat? What’s the purpose behind it when they have a good women or man at home?

Now this may be hard to believe, but men need a reason to cheat, Yes you heard me correct. Men need a reason to cheat! Men aren’t good cheaters we just aren’t. Hence why women are and have always done it better. In order for a man to cheat there is no reassurance at home or in his current relationship. Something isn’t do right or correctly. If the house or home is unstable he will look for stability or what his mind thinks that is  stable and consistency. The same reason why men lie to protect the other party involved from the one they are cheating on is because that person had nothing to deal with the reason why they cheated or played the game on in the first place. Men step outside on there relationships to either feel loved or take revenge. If a man isn’t getting what he needs and doesn’t feel like explaining himself on what he needs/wants in his relationship or marriage then he will seek outside his comfort zone. Now I did say revenge- In this case men don’t try to aim to hurt however sometimes the baggage with keep from the previous encounter with someone carries over causing us to doubt, question, worry as well as pay attention to details even when you think weren’t aren’t listening.

Yet some men may not want to admit it but some of us don’t like to commit. Sometimes we simply like playing around and enjoying ourselves rather than to settle down for something real. It all is brought down to we play games because a part of it is we are stilling trying to figure things out as well as not give up ourselves submitting to too many rules and restrictions.

This topic was so broad. I would still like to hear what others have to say comment and share below.


Thank you!!!!



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