Becoming a Mask

I always wanted to build something and often thought it had to be physical, lets just say I am not the best handy man, nor good with construction, Heck I even find it difficult putting together a desk. However, I always enjoyed writing it just felt natural at times. You know majority of people write about current events and what they do on a day to day basis, Yet do “WE” really know if that is what they are currently doing hmm. I however enjoy writing poems, short stories, erotic sexual books that hey what can I say gets you hot and bother. I develop a creation out of nothing such as “BehindtheMask” I got this idea from my mother. When I was growing up my mother would have this decorative China Made Mask all sorts of kinds. However, see a lot of them displayed on the living wall, I often thought to myself What’s behind the mask? Who is behind the Mask? Is a Phantom there? I remember pouring juice late at night sneaking into the kitchen and having the Masks look down at me with no eyes it just scared the shit out of me.

Moreover as I got older and began to adventure in the world, I figure hey why not become at writer and write behind a mask. No one see’s me. No one Can hear me. Better yet I can be free to be whatever genre in any book I decide to put my mind too. I realized that righting isn’t just what people think it is simple putting words and letters on paper. Writing it’self is placing your mind into a land of wonders and pulling out Magnificent stories. Plan to write exactly what I think about is important and what I feel about is important. My reason simply is because as your reading, You’ll never know or see me so why not.

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