Journey to Finding Yourself: 365 Days- Day 1

Embark! On Ones Journey Alone    The Road to Discovering yourself can be quite challenging and rough at times. I choose to do this not simply because I want to because I have too. For so long many of us get conflicted on life's expectations and swirling out of control demands of work, responsibilities and never … Continue reading Journey to Finding Yourself: 365 Days- Day 1

Life Captures A Butterfly of Magic

Butterfly Exhibit(Gainesville, Florida) Introduction: I know it's been awhile since I posted a blog, However I could give you some sad story as to why I been away but the truth of the matter... I lost myself searching for myself. I thought moving to florida from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania would be a complete transformation for me. … Continue reading Life Captures A Butterfly of Magic

“Perfect love” No such thing, right?

You wouldn't believe how much we all put into the craft of trying to find that perfect partner/mate. I mean countless blind dates to endless trials of perfecting that perfect relationship. Taking time to ourselves searching and looking, yet reading every book possible to learn and teach ourselves how to discover that "perfect love". Yet … Continue reading “Perfect love” No such thing, right?

Book Signing “Where to Start”

Booking When designing and constructing your first book signing as a self publishing author there are many things that are important for you to do first. Starting off you need to understand where to book your first signing at, the location, the environment and in other words the budget that goes into promotional cost. When … Continue reading Book Signing “Where to Start”

From Pen To Name!

  There I was gripping my family's Book of Souls I couldn't quite believe that magic actually exist conjuring up the power manifested in me since birth, Maybe the prophecy was correct. That one day three brothers will be bonded not just by blood but also by brother hood. " United we stand, United they … Continue reading From Pen To Name!

Procrastination as a Writer

Often as it goes usually as a writer we become drain after finishing a project. We tell our sells we will get started on the next book, article blog or project. When it comes down to it we like to make excuses on the reason why we can't write. We also often tell ourselves it's … Continue reading Procrastination as a Writer

My book is live!!!!

I learned as a writer and author writing comes with confidence. It brings out the most extraordinary purposes and amazing feeling in the entire world. To feel accomplished, self-aware and great to do what you enjoy doing. I received support from people I didn't even know was watching and paying attention. Someone through Facebook bought … Continue reading My book is live!!!!